Minimum Requirements

Laptop / Desktop

Does your Laptop/desktop meet the minimum hardware requirements?Dual core processor OR Higher.
2GB RAM OR Higher.
Hard disk space 100 GB for 64-bit OS.
Monitor (req. if desktop)
Mouse & Keyboard (req. if desktop)


Mobile / Cellphone

Support Android 10 OR Higher

Do not support iPhone (IOS operating system) 

Do not support Hiawei (Harmony OS operating system) 

Operating System

Support Windows 10 OR Higher.

Do not support Appel operating system.

Headset with a microphone?

USB headset if using Laptop / Desktop.

3.5mm Jack headset for phone usb-c.

Internet Connection

10Mbps upload and download.

Ability To Speak

Afrikaans or English.

Download AnyDesk For Laptop/Desktop


Download AnyDesk For Phone